Free SoftEther VPN Service

VPN Cloud uses SoftEther infrastructure to provide extremely high performance SSL VPN service for FREE. As non-profit service we are focusing on bring end users best clean, safe and high bandwidth VPN connections for simple freedom of internet browsing.

We have up and running VPN connection for you to access immediately right now: 

 US SoftEther SSL VPN Host Name: (TCP 443 Port)
 UK SoftEther SSL VPN Host Name: (TCP 443 Port)
 CA SoftEther SSL VPN Host Name: (TCP 443 Port)
 SoftEther VPN Account Username: vpn
 SoftEther VPN Account Password: vpn

Why we pick up SoftEther VPN technology for the Free VPN Service? Because of tons of benefits from it:

  • Strongest resistance against existing firewalls without any modifications on rules;
  • Built-in NAT traversal for trouble-free connection from campus or corporate networks;
  • VPN that last forever without being blocked for its anti-detect transport layer design;
  • Using latest Ethernet over HTTPS ( TCP port 443 ) for best compatibility and security;
  • Higher throughput & Lower latency comparing to OpenVPN, L2TP and SSTP VPN technologies;
  • Fully Optimized SSL-VPN Protocol that penetrates any security policies without effort;
  • Guarantee working for public hotspot Wi-Fi connections like in airport or hotel rooms;
  • More than a VPN, but just a simple path to the internet freedom for people over the world;